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Whether you are a member of our Recreational or Competitive program, we are so glad that you have chosen us as your first choice in gymnastics instruction.

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Happy 4th of July!

The gym will be closed on Friday July 4th

Online Registration 

Online Registration

Club Champion Gymnastics now has the capability to search Recreational classes online.

To register for classes online:

If you're an existing member: To log in to your own account with us, enter your email address and click forgot password.  This will reset your password so you can create your own.
If you've never attended Club Champion Before:Click on Create a New Account and get started!

If you don't know which email you gave us, just call us and we can give you that information.





Summer Session Registration

Club Champion's Summer Gymnastics session runs from June 30-September 6

We know you have a busy summer planned for your family, so we make signing up easy.  You can either register for the entire 10 week session, or choose only the weeks you'd like to attend. 

This way if you're going out of town or your child has a camp to attend, you don't have to worry about getting those makeups in. Just let us know what weeks when you register.  A minimum of 4 weeks is required.

Continuing Student Registration opens June 2nd. Only students registered for the Spring Session may sign up during this time.

New and Returning Student Registration opens June 9th




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Champ Camp 2014!

Don't miss out on getting your kids enrolled. This gymnastics camp will keep your kids active and having FUN all day! Offered Monday-Friday 9:00-2:00 with after care available until 5:00pm. Daily, weekly, and monthly rates are available. Come join us, there is only 8 weeks left!

There is also yummy popcorn available for our spectators at each show.  Come by on Friday at 1:15.  Admission is FREE!

626.577.4496 Pasadena Camp

626.358.2581 Monrovia Camp

Champ Camp 2014

Club Champion's New Commercial

On June 23rd, we released our brand new internet commercial.  We've had so many questions about what went into the production process. Here is a run down of this project.

The commercial was done completely in-house by family and Club Champion Staff, and it literally took over 6 months to complete.  All the film and sound editing was done by CC Directors Zak and Josh.  The main actor is Keira Spina, Sarah's daughter and Zak and Josh's niece. She is 7 years old and going into 3rd grade in September. Poor Keira battled pneumonia and strep throat during most of the shooting.  Close to the end, we had to hurry up and get all her scenes finished because her 2 front teeth were about to fall out! 

She had a stunt double for the back handspring sequence in the park scene, Club Champion's very own level 4 gymnast, Jackie O'Leary. The cat in the tree scene was shot in Sarah's backyard with their pet, Helah. He had to jump off the tree more than 15 times in order to get the shot right. The hardest part was that he kept running into the house and under the couch after each take. The basketball players were Coach Keith and his buddies. 
The fire scene was shot in Zak's back yard... We literally set it on fire.

In order to get the rocket ship scene just right, we had to shoot it 3 different times in Zak's garage. Shawn Webster built the rocket ship (twice).  The first time it was made out of wood and gymnastics foam.  It didn't look authentic enough, so he re-made it out of TV parts.  Sarah played the voice of the mom in the opening scene, and Zak was the narrator.  The original music score played throughout the video was written and produced by Toby Semain along with Zak. 
The Mars scene was filmed on Easter Sunday in Agua Dulce where the Johnson family took an interesting hike with a little astronaut and a CC Flag. 
We hope you enjoy the video as much we we enjoyed producing it.
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Parents Night Out!

Saturday, July 26th - Pasadena

Friday, July 11th - Monrovia

We're kicking off the summer with some amazing Parent's Night Out events. Friday, June 6 or Saturday, June 21 you can drop your kids at Club Champion from 6:00pm-10:00pm.  We'll entertain them, feed them and send them home ready for a good night's sleep.

Dinner and snacks are also provided.  The cost is $25.00 for your first child, $20.00 each sibling. 

Space is always limited so call today and let us know you're coming!

Team Girls Tearing it Up this Summer! 

Our USAG, IGC, and CAT Teams are in full summer swing.  Each group is intensively training through out the week preparing for their 2014-2015 competitive seasons.

Our IGC Team is coming home from Orlando, FL this week where they competed in the World Championships.  Congrats to our Bronze Level Team for earning the first place team title! What a huge accomplishment! In addition to the team gold, we had numerous individual Gold Medal winners.  We are so proud our awesome group of athletes!  

Please No Pets 


While we love animals, and we're sure yours are friendly and potty trained, we have to ask that you leave them at home or outside the gym.  Many children are highly allergic and some scared of even the friendliest of 4 legged friends.  So for the fairness of all, we cannot have animals in the gym except Service Animals. 

Keepin It cool......

Club Champion happens to be one of the few gyms that maintains a well air conditioned facility throughout the summer months.  Stop by anytime  to take a break from the heat!

Club Champion Gymnastics 


Give your child the opportunity to learn gymnastics while they gain balance, coordination, strength, self-esteem, and have FUN! We offer gymnastics and tumbling classes for kids of all ages.  Our state-of-the-art training facilities are conveniently located in Pasadena and Monrovia, CA.  We have been "Shaping Lives" and training Champions in the San Gabriel Valley since 1993.  Whether your child wants to be a competitive gymnast, or they want to learn "how to do a flip", we have a program they will enjoy. Call us today to set up your Free Trial class. 




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